Bosch 1274DVS Variable Speed In-Line Belt Sander Review 2017

Dec 13, 2017


Bosch 1274DVS Variable Speed In-Line Belt Sander Review 2017

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The Bosch name in power tools is synonymous with power, strength and durability and there’s certainly no exception when you’re talking about the Bosch 1274DVS Variable Speed In-Line Belt Sander. Produced with more design features than all other belt sanders combined, you’ll find the Bosch belt sander to have many noticeable performance advantages. For one, the housing is made of magnesium and plastic which makes it extremely light wight yet tough and durable. The platen is cast aluminum so there’s never any of the warping that you’ll find in stamped steel plates. And the variable speed button is built into the trigger making it fast and easy to adjust the speed.

The Bosch 1274DVS features a 6.6 amp motor with variable motor speeds from 550 to 1,100 sfpm. This powerful motor is aligned with the belt edge to allow flush sanding in corners. The dust control system, which includes a cloth dust bag, works so well that this is as close to a dust-free machine as anyone can get. Adjusting and changing the belt is quick and easy and the tracking adjustment tracks new belts quickly and keeps them in place.

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Bosch 1274DVS Variable Speed In-Line Belt Sander Features and Specifications

  • Ideal weight of 9 pounds – light enough to minimize fatigue yet heavy enough to make the job go fast.
  • Powerful 6.6 amp motor with variable speeds from 550 to 1,100 fspm.
  • Cast aluminum platen never warps.
  • Light-weight yet durable housing construction.
  • Speed control built into trigger for quick, easy access.
  • One year warranty.

The Reviews

Most belt sanders have some type of variable speed control and the Bosch 1274DVS is no exception. But the Bosch’s speed control stands out from the others in that it’s built right into the machine’s trigger making it fast and convenient to use. Users agree that being able to quickly and effortlessly change speeds helps prevent gouging and produces a smoother, more professional finish. Users also appreciate the light weight and perfect balance of the Bosch which, they said, helps eliminate fatigue, and makes it easy to use with one hand while you’re holding the piece you’re working on with the other. The light weight and variable speeds also, said one carpenter, make this an ideal sander for when you’re working with soft woods.

A number of carpenters reviewed this product and were impressed with its ability to get into tight spaces and corners and one commented that he liked it because he could flip it over on its flat top and it easily became a horizontal table-top sander. A lot of the users who commented on the Bosch 1274DVS 6.6 Amp Variable Speed In-Line Belt Sander were most impressed with its durability. One gentleman had been using the same Bosch sander for 2 years, another had had his for 6 years, and another gentleman said he knew it was going to last forever because it was a Bosch.

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